Sunday, September 16, 2012

Festive Times are here again!

Meri Jaan, as my 6yr old popped a modak in her mouth and shouted "Ganpati Bappa Morayya" on the top of her voice - around the colony, in the bylanes of Shaniwar Vada- Pune and Shivaji Park- Mumbai, she asked me a question - Dad - why we never had so much fun when we were in the US?

I looked at her with a slight smirk - why is that Jamba? We had so much fun during the barbeque parties in the backyard, the basement get-togethers, picnic in the county parks, camping trips, Disney, Florida, Vegas, the ski trips to the mountains, the beach, theme parks - there were endless things?

She said - yes, but there was never so much fun and happiness with everyone shouting and dancing and screaming together?

I started laughing - I knew what she wanted to say - the festive aura around her was mesmerizing.

People - all nationality, old, young, men, women, kids, dressed to their festive tees - in rickshaws, on foot, on "thelas-and gaadis"; dancing, throwing colors and carrying Ganpati murti's on their hands and heads - screaming "Bappa-Bappa Morayaa" !!!

These people were not worried that someone was about to call 911 - or shout "Go away to your country", or even individuals trying to say - "hey this is a calm neighborhood" lets not shout our "GOD's" name to offend some other community or nationality !

These people were FREE and the festive spirit was not related to a specific human race in general, these were people of India - enjoying festival as it should be !!

As I looked at my kid taking lead on the vocal screeching alongwith all her cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents and all others - I knew my work was done to some extent !!

Meri Jaan, as some of you already know that I moved back from the US - 3 yrs back - the core idea was simple - wanting to give my kid the basic feel of living in Des make her see - what family and festivals mean - IN India.

This was it Buddy! Every country has some specific event or festival that cannot be recreated in any other country, backyard, basement or locality.

Tomorrow you will venture towards your dreams, your world, your spirits, but this you will never forget - The Festive Spirit of India.

Enjoy this Jamba - walk up to the nearest shop to grab some chameli ke phool, fresh sev-chole, fresh nariyals, rangoli colors, paani-poori, bhel, vada-paav, misal, pop those sweets and enjoy the REAL zing and SCREAM - for no one should stop you from screeching the environment with those nagadas and dhol in the environment - Dance and Scream beta - Ganpati Bappa Morayaa !!!!

Meri Jaan, till we meet next, if you live abroad, please dont let your kids miss out on THE REAL things in life, let them be free, have fun, let them atleast fall in love with the spirit of India and I promise they will stay in loeve !!

- Pankaj


Anonymous said...

Good blog

Supriya said...

Hey did not know you are still active on the blog. Good one

Parul said...

Great to read that your kid is really enjoying his time in India. We are really stuck here. I always tell my hubby that we should have made that big decision to move back years back. Well we are getting ready for the dassera mela to enjoy those yummies that you are getting att he nukkad wala. Nostalgic me

Anonymous said...

Good post

Ak said...

Good to see your kid having fun in India. Desi Festivals and the associated foods and fervor are something that cannot be re-created anywhere else. Keep writing more and Happy Dussera

Azam said...

Good post. I am from your border across country but I grew up enjoying all the India festivals with all the colors and lighting. We made the move to Pakistan from UK after 17 yrs and it did not turn out as expected.I had a different experience of my kids not adjusting with the noise and pollution. I hope your country may be different but things are not same in Pakistan. We are scared to even live. Enjoy your festivals.