Saturday, August 16, 2014

20 Frame Dissection - Tiger Tiger on the wall !!

Meri Jaan, as I sat down amongst the 700+ Desis in a packed Bellevue downtown theatre blowing whistles and claps at the dialogues of Bajirao Singham, I wished !!!

I seriously wished if only I could have seen some of those movies made between 1975-1982 on screen.

If only I could have witnessed THAT HYSTERIA on screen amongst not 700 but 7000 people shouting and screaming and clapping for THE ANGRY MAN !!!

I wish !! I wish !!!!

Well, wishes aside - lets dissect this "Jigar-waala", oh I mean Mr. Singham !!

Frame 1: Entry of Mr. Singham.
Some seeti maar dialogues - "Main leta nahin deta hoon" ! Ajay Devgn in good form - simple entry !!

Frame2: Entry of Guruji
A perspective of the National political scene. Amongst random questions by the reporters a clever slip of "a saas bahu" actress been nominated as a party candidate.

Hmm...I have heard that somewhere !! Arre bhai - kahin tou suna hogaa..."kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" !!

Frame3: Entry of the bad guys: A funny act by Amol Gupte (I love this guy - same style of acting but does a good job !). Loved it when baba gets into his comfy shorts !!

Frame 4: Entry of the lady love.
Kareena looks ravishingly red. Gabbar hota tou kahta - "Arre oh samba - kaunsi chakki ka ataa khilate hain ye kapoor family wale?"

Frame 5: Build up of the key character - Mahesh !!

Frame 6: Some comic elements - guju mota guy again and repetition of the "main leta nahin" seeti maar dialogue at the police station.

Rohit - koi tou gaadi waadi girao yaar !

Frame 7: Mahesh and the tragedy - good scene.
Chalo - bhains, I mean ,gaadi gayee paanee main !!

Frame 8: Ambulance nikalo and all that media-vedia. Some great shots of Maharashtra remote locales - bridges, fields, toll nakas !

Frame 9: Another tragedy - good sequence with lots of trains in the background. Some more cars up and down !!

Yaar Rohit - Anupam Kher ko thoda tou jyaada role do ! Itna bhi kam role mat do ki yeh sab ab TV pe aane lag jaaaye !!!

Frame 10: The hunt begins and the same 'ol good v/s bad fight begins !!!
Baba and Singham !!

Frame 11: Lets give the audience some break and introduce some comedy - ek gaana ho jaaye ! Jadhavgard fort tou dikhao !! Maharshtra tourism !!

Frame 12: Forced comedy but Kareena in her element - and bechara Taavde !!

Frame 13: Lets roar !!
Lets get back to work on the mission Singham !!!
Lets roar !!! Jadhavgadh main bahut rah liye !

Rohit - ab bore ho rahey hain, can you please show some more cars jumping and fire - yaaar action movie hain !!

Frame 14: Phir wahi criminals and police.
Some great sequences around Mumbai - loved the sea link bridge sequence with boats coming around the bridge.

A little over-the top. but chalta hain, let the dialogue roar - ataa maajhi satakli !!! Public was waiting Rohit yaar !! Some more seetis !!

Frame 15: Dargah and faith - wah !!!
 Idhar dua udhar Altaf utha - wah !! Dua and Dawaa !! But a great mahim dargah sequence !!

Frame 16: Phir thoda rona dhona, wahi chor-police, politican ko pakda-choda kinds. Politician ko thappad and civil rights of women - wah  moral messages also Rohit !!!

Frame 17-20: Roopa Frontier Baniyaan
Roopa baniyan walk (best way to advertise Rohit !!)

Ab Roopa baniyaan waale hamesha line main aage rahenge !!!

Tum bhi chalo hum bhi chalein and lets go for the kill Singham !!

"Dayaa - darwaaza tod" and finally what a perfect goal of the van into the electrical grid - and what superb aatishbaazi yaar !!! Rohit tum tou expert ho !!

Finally chalein - Nope - Aaja - Yo-Yo's - tere gig ka time hain !!!

Cute kid in the song - Ataa maajhi satakli - malaa raag yete !! Ataa maajhi satakli !!

So what is the bottomline?

Meri Jaan, main bolegaa tou bologe ke bolta hain !!!

Its a typical 80s movie told in Rohit Shetty style - but kudos for keeping the screenplay progressing !!.

Except for some 30-40 mins - overall it was a moving frame all through out !!!

And I as came out of the theatre, all I wondered - Tiger-Tiger on the wall, who is the angriest of 'em all? Aur aapke options shuru hote hain yeh...!!

a) Wo " jab maarne lagta hain tou maarta nahin - maar hi daalta hain", ya
b) wo "jab silent nahin tou violent hota hain", ya
c) wo - "jab ek baar commitment karta hain tou khud ki bhi nahin suntaa" !!!

Meri Jaan, if you don't want to lock any of these options, tou till next time, if you really want to watch a tiger - just rent a nice Bachchan movie (from the 70s) or even watch HUM - when the TIGER just turns his hair and you can feel the TIGERROAR !! (with that background sound of course - Tanaa na ta naaaaa)

OR...if you are into something softer.. just listen to Katy Perry say - ROAR !!!! O-O-O-O-O ROAR !!!!